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Monday, July 23rd 2012

10:40 AM

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Related article: Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 07:26:19 +1100 From: Iain Robertson Subject: Dave Pt 9Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re- distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This hairless lips preteen is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a work of fiction, and as such the young shocking preteens characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me - all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. Iainlthrhotmail.com.A 'PS' for those who have been following the story, particularly to preteens in photography the anonymous person who wrote to tell me that for $560,000.00, Mike and Dave had better be getting a luxurious mansion :- I realise that real estate prices vary around the world, and in fact change constantly wherever you are. The house they bought was in Erskineville, in Sydney, Australia preteens galleries free which is where I live and where this story is set. When I first wrote the story that price was probably not really accuirate, and has become less so now, but not because it is too much. A two bedroom terrace house in Erskineville as at October 2002 would be unlikely to sell for anything below $700,000.00 Australian, unless it was an absolute dump. Go figure!!?? Dave Iainlthrhotmail.comChapter Nine - I Do!Dave and I moved into our new home about six weeks later. It sounds like a while, but in reality the time flew as we made arrangements as necessary, notified friends and relatives, and generally got used to the idea. To me, it felt like a passing dream, the thought of being in my own home with the man I loved, and somehow the weeks both dragged and raced at the same time.Almost as though it crept up on us, it had happened and we were together at last, in our special place. I looked around, scarcely able to believe that it was real. Oh sure, I could see the things which needed fixing, and I sensed that there was a lot more work to be done on areas we couldn't see, but it didn't matter, it was ours! That first night, I snuggled into Dave's arms, felt the warmth of his hands on my chest and the strength of his body against my back, and swore nobody else in the world could be as happy as I was at that moment.It took us another three weeks to actually unpack all of our belongings and re-arrange the furniture to our tastes sufficient to have the house at the point where we were ready to start having visitors, but the work involved was enjoyable, as Dave and I struggled together to make our home a place we were proud of. The `house-warming' was going to be a relatively quiet event, just our closest circle of friends over for a few drinks and an inspection of the house by each and every one. ****************On the morning of our little party, Dave cornered preteen pedo links me in the kitchen as I was putting together a tray of hors d'oeuvres in preparation."Hey handsome," he began as he slid up behind me, his arms going around my waist and pulling me into him. I smiled, and wriggled myself against him, but pretended annoyance."Dave! I'm busy, can't you wait until I'm finished?" I tried to pout."But I wanted to ask you something," he said, sounding rejected, although I knew it was nothing but an act."Whatever the question is, the answer's `yes', okay. I'm too busy to worry about anything else at the moment.""Great!" he exclaimed. "Then you won't mind if I announce it to our friends this afternoon, either?""Huh?" Now he had my full attention. "What are you talking about?"Dave grinned at me with a smile that could kill. "I was going to ask if you still wanted to marry me, but you've already said yes."I melted, and forgave him for bothering me. "Of course, I still want to marry you. You don't get away that easy," I said, sounding serious, although my eyes were full of joy that he had raised the subject again. "Besides, what would I do with this ." I held up my finger, the ring he had presented me still in place where he had slid it onto my hand that day we saw the house, " . if I didn't? And you know how I hate the thought of wasting good jewellery!"Dave did his best to look indignant at my comment, but soon both of us were rolling around laughing, holding each other close and sharing the moment."So you don't mind if I tell everyone today?" he finally managed to get back to the purpose of his original interruption."Of course not! In fact, I'd be upset if you didn't," I answered him. He hugged me again, tightly, and left me to finish what I was doing, a huge grin on his face as he walked away.The gathering of our friends was wonderful. Many of preteens galleries free them were jealous of us, for finding each other and `settling down', and all of them were very complimentary about the house itself. When Dave stood and asked for silence, and then announced in a strong voice, with one arm around my waist, that I had given him the best gift possible, and accepted his proposal that we get married, there was more than one misty eye in the room, and of course everyone wanted to know when and where the big event would happen."I don't know yet," I answered vacantly. "We hadn't gotten as far as planning any details. I guess I'd like to have a ceremony by the harbour somewhere, if we can manage it. I don't want a `wedding' as such, like a parody of a straight marriage. I guess I'd prefer just a party with all our friends, where we can publicly make some vows to each other and acknowledge each other as partners for all the world to see and hear. And I don't know if Dave has any preferences. Like I said, we haven't discussed details."Dave just smiled, and held me even more closely. "Wherever and whatever you want, handsome," he said. "I'll be happy as long as I have you by my side."The days drifted by and turned into weeks. Dave had said nothing more about our `wedding', but I wasn't too concerned. We had all the time in the world, and I was happy just being with him and setting up our home. One evening we preteen chat model were watching a travel programme on television and they featured holiday islands on the tropical North Queensland coast."I'd love to do that, have a holiday on a tropical island," Dave commented."Mmm, me too," I agreed.We sat together as the story continued, both lost in our own thoughts. Then Dave turned to me and said with a thought-filled smile, "Why don't we?""Why don't we what?""Go on a holiday to an island. I mean it. You have time owing don't you?" I nodded confirmation. "Then see if you can take a week, say at the end of June - that's only five weeks away - and I'll book the tickets, and we'll go and have some time in the sun on a beach. Get sexy preteen clothing away from the winter weather.""Okay," I said, slowly getting enthused as his eagerness rubbed off on me. "Let's do it!"I had no trouble taking time from work, and Dave announced that he'd arranged for us to fly up to Cairns on the Sunday afternoon, and stay at Turtle Cove, one of the gay resorts along the tropical coast which sheltered behind the Great Barrier Reef. Amid much talk of packing no clothes and lots of lube, we laughed and joked as I became more and more excited about our upcoming holiday. I boasted about it to my friends, although none of them seemed overly surprised. I put preteen lesbians grils it down to jealousy, and promised them all I'd send ru preteen mpg postcards, grinning to myself about how lucky I was.The time for our trip crept closer, and Dave seemed to be pre-occupied with something quite often in the evenings. I asked him at one stage if everything was okay, but he simply shrugged his shoulders and assured me that he was busy at work trying to cover the week he was going to be absent. I had no preteens in photography reason to think otherwise, so I happily accepted his explanation, preteens young best and let it ride. *****Finally the weekend of our vacation had arrived. It rained heavily most of Friday night, and Saturday morning dawned cold and overcast, more dark clouds threatening. Dave looked positively morose. He kept checking the sky, and looking at his watch. He seemed nervous about something, full of anticipation and worry.After trying to get him to relax which he simply would not do, I blew preteens nude thumbnails up at him."For god's sake, Dave! So it's wet - by tomorrow afternoon we'll be two and a half thousand kilometres away on a sunny beach. Who cares what the weather is like here? Sydney can drown or freeze or both and we won't be here to worry about it!"He stopped suddenly and looked at me. A grin slowly spread across his face as he calmed sex preteen erection down noticeably. "Yeah, I guess so," he said, resignedly. With that, I stepped up to him and hugged him soft preteen pussy tightly. He returned my embrace, holding me close, and as I let go of him he appeared to relax a little.Still, as the morning wore on, Dave's demeanour told me something was wrong. He appeared concerned about something, and the nerves russian preteen torture were obviously returning. He preteens nude thumbnails made a couple of quiet phone calls, and although I couldn't hear what was said or who he spoke to, I sensed that plans were being made.I tried to ignore Dave's strange behaviour and to busy myself with finishing the packing for our trip, although in truth everything we needed was already in suitcases and ready to go. After several hours of his uncharacteristic manner, I had had enough. I wandered back out into the courtyard to find him looking yet again at the sky, which was slowly clearing, spots of sunlight breaking through. He turned when he heard me approaching, a look of obvious relief on his face."Okay, stud!" I confronted him. "What the hell is going on?"Dave smiled at me then, and looked at his watch before answering. "I'm sorry, handsome," he said. "I know I've been a pain in the arse, but I had a little surprise planned for you this afternoon and I didn't want it spoiled by bad weather.""Surprise? What kind of surprise?" I asked, my face lighting up and my curiosity aroused now."Oh, come on, Mike. You wouldn't want me to tell you now and ruin it, would you? Besides, it's almost time now anyway."With that he took me by the hand and led me into the spare bedroom. There, laid out on the bed, were matching suits, one for him and one for me. I looked at them, then back to him, and down at the suits again."What? Suits? That's a bit formal for a Saturday afternoon, isn't it?" I said suspiciously."I'm taking you to a very up-market place, so suits it is!" he said in a voice which brooked no more argument.We dressed quickly as I ran through in my head all the possible places where he could be taking me. None of the restaurants we usually frequented would ever merit a suit and tie, especially during the afternoon. Try as I might, I could not come up with a single possibility to explain the dress code he was imposing on us. But Dave remained mute, and every time I even looked as though I was going to object or question, he simply smiled enigmatically and held his finger to his lips to silence me.Dave was ready a few minutes before I was, and as I finished with my tie, he went to the front door, opening it and looking outside, before closing it and coming back to me. He looked at his watch again, and I glanced at a clock on the dressing table. It was just on black model preteen 12.30."Perfect!" he declared as I finished. I looked at him again, but he just grinned at me, leaned forward and kissed me, and ushered me out of the bedroom and toward the front door. As young shocking preteens we stepped outside, nonude preteens incest Dave locked the door, and turned me to the street, where a long white limousine was parked in front of the house. I gaped open-mouthed when the driver jumped out and came around to the rear door, nasty preteen art holding it open and beckoning us to enter."Dave, this is too much," I said to his now beaming face."This is just the beginning, preteen bikini pix my man!" he stated with a mischievous look.I sat back in the luxury of the huge car, enjoying the decadence it represented, while Dave poured us each a drink from the mini-bar which opened out of the panel separating us from the driver. As the vehicle headed toward the city centre, we clinked glasses."To us!" Dave said."I love you!" I stated quietly."I love you too," he said with yet another grin on his face.The limo crawled through the traffic in Newtown, then picked up some speed along City Road and around into Broadway before slowing again as we approached Railway Square. I happily sat back and revelled in the admiring and envious looks of the other road users as we passed. We glided along the edge of Hyde Park and past St Mary's Cathedral before swinging right into the Domain. The picnickers and families stared at the car as it rolled past the Art Gallery. I knew now that we weren't going to any restaurant - this was a dead-end road that led out to Mrs Macquarie's Point, and there was nothing past here except the gardens and lawns looking across to the city.My curiosity and my excitement black model preteen were beginning to get the better of me, as I held his hand tightly and grinned with anticipation when the car slowed and then stopped at the top of the Queen Elizabeth steps. The driver quickly came around and held the door for us as we alighted, and Dave took my hand in his without any sense of self-consciousness. Slowly we started walking down the steps, the view across the sparkling blue waters of Farm Cove opening up as we came out of the trees, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in front of us, the towers of the City climbing out of the green that was the Botanical Gardens across the shimmering aquamarine of the harbour from where we stood.We came to the final landing, about 15 metres above the lawns, and stopped. I looked down and noticed a white open-sided marquee set up on the grass below us, a few people milling around as though waiting for something to start."Oh, Dave, this is just beautiful. What a pity someone has beaten us to it.""What do you mean?""The tent down there. It's obviously been set up for some private function. But I love you for the thought anyway. What did you have planned? A picnic on the grass for just the two of us?"Dave turned to face me, and took each of my hands in his chloe model preteen own, his beautiful blue eyes piercing mine with an intensity I had rarely seen. preteen art bikini When he spoke, it was quiet and solemn, full of sincerity and determination."Mike, do you really want to marry me?""Of course I do, I love you!" My heart rate started to increase at his words and his tone."Honestly? Are you absolutely certain?" Dave seemed to be searching my face for any doubt, any hesitation.I looked squarely into his face. "I am absolutely certain of it. I want to spend the rest of my life, every moment of it, with you!"Suddenly his face collapsed into a nervous grin. "Then let's do it!", he said."Wha .?""Come on, Mike!" and with that, he took me by the hand again and led me down the last of the stairs and headed straight toward the party group hovering preteen art bikini near the tent. Realisation didn't so much dawn on me as hit me like a lightning bolt.There were Rob and Pete, Neil and Geoff, Ian, John, Debbie and Louise, Sarah, Nick, all of our friends. I waded into the sea of smiling congratulatory faces, stunned by what was happening, amazed that he could have arranged all of this without my knowing. My chest swelled with pride, my face beaming with each new handshake or kiss on the cheek from these people, all of whom thought so much of us to be there for this special occasion. Even Dave's parents mingled amongst our friends, smiling at us. His sister was there, and his brother Michael and his wife Sally, with their three kids. Just when I thought there could be no more surprises, my sister Felicity emerged from a group. My face lit up."Hey, Fi, I can't believe you're here!" I said as I embraced her. "Where's Ron and Eddy and Gillian? (her husband and my nephew and niece)."I black model preteen wouldn't have missed it for the world!" she answered. "Ron and the kids will be here in just a minute. They've got a special surprise for you. Oh Mike, I think it's wonderful. It's about black model preteen time someone tied you down, and Dave is the best man around. Well, after Ron of course!" board dorki preteen We laughed and held each other again as Dave put his arm on her shoulders and joined in. True to her word, my brother-in-law appeared at that moment, tapping me on the shoulder, and shaking my hand."Congratulations, Mike," he said, a secretive smile in his eyes. "And there's someone else who wants to say hello ."With that he stepped back, and from behind him came a very familiar but unexpected face."Mum!" I almost exploded. I hadn't seen my mother in nearly two years. I spoke to her often enough, and had told her all about moving in with Dave and buying the house, but she had moved to Adelaide after Dad died, and I rarely got the chance to make the trip to see her."Hello, my darling," she said, her arms going around my neck as she planted a big kiss on my cheek. She turned to Dave, and threw her arms around him, repeating the kiss as he started to redden. "It's so nice to see you again, Dave Mitchell!" she said, smiling. "Haven't you grown into a handsome young man? I can see why Mike fell for you."Dave's red face turned scarlet, and I blushed as well. "Mum, please," I groaned, to the general laughter of those around us. I was so pleased to have her here, and so overwhelmed by the moment I felt my eyes start to mist up. Dave overcame his embarrassment, and started ushering people to their seats, leading me to the head table under the marquee. As everyone began to calm soft preteen pussy down, he stood up and cleared his throat, getting their attention. As all eyes turned to him, my man suddenly froze. After all that he had done to bring this gathering together just for us, his words and thoughts deserted him. I knew then that it was time preteens sexo for me to take control. I had enjoyed a `free ride' up until now.I stood up beside him, and slid one arm around his waist, hugging him reassuringly, the other hand going to his arm which I gripped tightly for moral support. Looking into the smiling, expectant faces of our fiends and relatives, I took a deep breath, and started."Dave and I are truly blessed to be able to call all of you our friends, and our family. The fact that he has managed to organise this event today, and that all of you have gathered here for us, without my knowing about it, suggests that you hold him in very high regard and affection. And deservedly so. This is not a marriage, since we still can't legally do that, but it is truly a wedding of two people, one to the other. I believe that since we are determined to make our relationship public without the benefit of a minister and a piece of paper, it makes it so much more preteens in photography real and important."I turned then, and faced him directly, taking his hands in mine. "Dave, I have said this plenty of times when we were alone, but now I little hotties preteens say it out loud, and in front of all of these people as witnesses. I love you. nasty preteen art More than any words can express. David James Mitchell, I promise that I will always love you, now and forever. I promise to support you in whatever you choose to do, and to do all that I can to make you nice sex preteens happy. I promise that I will try not to argue with you, and to never let any disagreement we may have come between us or lessen my love. I promise to stand free sweet preteen by you against the worst the world can throw at us, and to share with you all the joys and wonders that life can bring us. I offer you my complete commitment and fidelity, and I give you myself absolutely."Dave's eyes were misty, but they held my gaze and absorbed every word, his hands clasping my own tightly as I finished. He didn't look around, did not see anyone except me."Michael Alexander Trenton," he began. "In the presence of everyone who means something to me, I publicly declare that I love you, absolutely, and with all of my being. I promise that I will be with you, that I will support you, love you and share with you everything that the future holds for us, no matter preteens nude boys how good or how bad. Every thing that I have and everything that I am, I give to you completely."It was all I could do to see his face, my eyes were so filled with tears of joy. I heard a stifled sob from my mother, and quite a few attempts to clear choked throats from our friends. But my concentration was focussed on the wonderful man holding my hands. Dave looked again into my face, and now I saw a smile form on his lips."And I'm going to hold you to that black model preteen promise not to argue!" he said quickly. A split second of silence was broken by laughter as our guests suddenly broke from the solemn moment and joined us in mirth. Dave's comment did nothing to lessen the seriousness of our words, but it released us so that we could enjoy this special moment with our friends. I loved him even more for doing it, and I beamed with pleasure at him.As the giggles slowly faded, Neil jumped to his feet, close by where Dave and I were standing. He tapped his glass with a spoon, and waited for people to turn to him."Ladies and gentlemen, we are not going to do a round of speeches or anything like that. We are all here simply to witness and share in the special love and devotion that Dave and Mike have for each other. Please raise your glasses, and join me in drinking a toast - to Mike and Dave!""To Mike and Dave!" the words echoed around the group, as everyone came to their feet. Dave and I stood side by side now, arms around each other, smiling so widely I thought my face would split. As our guests sipped their drinks, Dave pulled me to himself, and kissed me, fully on the lips, tender and loving, in front of everyone. I kissed him back in a lingering touch, until slowly I became aware that the rest of the group was applauding loudly. As we soft preteen pussy broke our kiss, I turned again to face our friends x preteens com and grinned. hairless lips preteen ***The remainder of the afternoon whirled by me. I enjoyed myself immensely, but I can't recall much detail, because my mind was filled with the love I had for my man. We ate a delicious meal, but I don't remember what it was. We danced, although I cannot recall any particular number that was played. We talked at length with all of our friends and our families.I do remember part of our conversation with Dave's sister-in-law, Sally. Dave had thanked her for coming, and I made a comment about bringing her children along, and how happy I was that she didn't exclude the kids from a `gay wedding'."Of course not!" she said quickly, looking surprised. "They love their Uncle Dave, and I'm sure sex preteen erection they're going to feel the same about Uncle Mike." I grinned at that and hugged Dave again. "Besides, I expect you two to start doing your share as babysitters." We all chuckled horse lo preteens together preteens young best as Dave pretended to groan. Then she went on, "Besides, I want to set them a good example, show them it's okay for two men to love each other. Maybe even give them some confidence."I raised my eyebrows at such a strange comment. Dave looked to Sally with a question on his face."I have a feeling Jarod may be gay," she said, almost off-handedly."Jarod? But he's only 11 years old!" sputtered Dave."Almost 12!" Sally corrected, "but a mother can sense these things. I'm not sure, but if he is, then I want him to be able to tell us without worrying about it, when he's ready."I smiled inwardly. How much the world was changing since we were kids. There was hope for the human race yet. ****Eventually, the party began to wind down, and we again did the rounds of our friends and relatives, thanking them all for coming and sharing our day with us. Dave looked out across the harbour, as if waiting for something, and then said to me quietly,"Okay, handsome, time to go."I smiled at him and began to walk toward the stairs leading up to the roadway."Where are you off to?" he called.I turned around, confused, and he took me by the hand, and led me back across the lawns to the edge of the harbour, just as a water taxi pulled into the sandstone wall bordering the gardens. To the applause and good wishes of our guests, Dave and I carefully negotiated the retractable gangway and climbed into the rear of the taxi, settling ourselves in as the driver/pilot drew in the walkway and gunned the outboard motors.We shot off across Farm Cove and rounded the front of the Opera House, watching the hordes of tourists gawk at us as we passed. Skipping over the entrance to Circular Quay, in a matter of ten minutes we were pulling into the wharf at the front of the Park Hyatt Hotel, the Harbour Bridge towering above us. A bellboy raced down the wharf to help us out of the small craft, and escort us into reception so we could check in.Standing at the desk as we registered, I was overcome by the effort and thoughtfulness that Dave had invested in our wedding day. Not caring about the other guests in the foyer of the hotel, I slid my arm around his waist and hugged him. The duty manager who was checking us in preteens in photography noticed, preteen girl feet and raised an eyebrow at my actions, before letting a tiny smile cross his face. There was certainly no sign of disapproval in his eyes."A special occasion, gentlemen?" he asked as we signed the forms."Uh, yes," Dave hesitated, but I didn't care what others thought, I wanted the world to know how happy I was."Our wedding day!" I announced happily, as Dave gasped a little and looked up quickly to gauge the manager's reaction."I see. Congratulations!" he said, his smile widening. "Just a moment, please .". Dave and I looked at each other in confusion as he tapped at a hidden keyboard below the counter and examined a screen. Dave shrugged his shoulders in a question and I shook my head, wondering what was the problem. The manager looked back up at us, another smile followed by the slightest hint of a wink of his eye."Compliments of the Hotel, Mr Trenton and Mr Mitchell, - we've upgraded your reservation - to the Honeymoon Suite. Enjoy your stay!"Dave's jaw fell open, but I simply chuckled softly as we followed one of the clerks toward the lifts. The room was amazing, perched above the water, with panoramic views of the city skyline. But I preteen bikini pix only had eyes for Dave.As soon as we were alone, I slowly, tenderly undressed him, pulling his clothes away piece by piece to reveal his magnificent body, the sight of which I sex preteen erection drank in with my eyes. I ran my finger down from his neck and across his chiselled pecs, pinching softly at each nipple and then drawing my hand lower, tracing the sculpted lines of his abdomen with my nail. My fingers slid into the bush of curly hair around his large and growing cock before I gripped his nuts in my hand, squeezing them and then letting go so I could follow the line of his now rigid shaft with my fingertip, scooping the first droplet of pre-cum from his slit and lifting it to my lips to taste his very preteen girl feet essence. My hand returned to his chest, and slid up until I cupped his square jaw in my palm. I looked once more into his eyes."I love you, Dave Mitchell!" I said softly."I love you, Mike Trenton!" he replied in kind.He leaned forward and kissed me, slowly, softly to begin with, teen preteen photography but as we connected his passion grew, his urgency intensifying. Suddenly he leaned around me, one arm under my butt, the other beneath my shoulders, and he picked me up in his arms, our lips still locked together, and carried me the few steps to the king size bed. Laying me onto the soft platform, he climbed over me, leaning down and into me as our tongues wrestled and our mouths explored each other.His face slid over my chin and down my neck, his lips attacking my chest, as he bit at my nipples and ran his hands all over my body."Dave," I hissed at him, "I need you, my love."Silently he gazed into my eyes yet again, and leaned into me as I lifted my knees and wrapped my legs around his powerful torso. No words were said, but a powerful exchange passed between us as the depth of our feelings for each other were suddenly clear and undoubted to both of us. I ached with the love I had for him, and I saw in his eyes that he felt the same. Wriggling myself around below him, I managed to find the wonderful hardness of his cockhead and to press my puckering hole up and against his solidity. I preteen chat model relaxed my muscles and my eyes pleaded with him to take me.With a single, long, steady and measured thrust his manly pole pierced my sphincter and penetrated my body, filling me with incredible warmth and driving his throbbing strength into my gut. I gasped with joyous ecstasy as he ploughed himself into me, and moaned with candid nude preteen happiness as sex preteen erection his balls came to rest against my upturned butt, the full length of him buried to the hilt within my arse. He pulled back and slid into me again as I clenched my muscles around soft preteen pussy his shaft and gripped at him. His rhythm varied from long slow strokes to lusty jabbing spikes as he took me for his own, fucking and humping at me.I trembled and writhed beneath him, milking his mighty weapon with my ring and hunching up against him as he pumped himself into me. He slowed his pace, moved his hips in a circular motion which caused his long hard prick to probe and touch every part of my innards as he made love to me, the whole time our eyes never breaking contact with each other. My heels dug into his solid round butt cheeks, pulling him further and harder into me, needing to feel him as far inside as possible. This afternoon we had united emotionally, and tonight we coupled physically, becoming a single, fucking entity absorbed by our passion and consumed with our love for each other.My nerves tingled, my senses raced as my body responded to hot preteen album the incredible eroticism of his love making. My arse was on fire and my body fulfilled by his very masculinity driving deep inside me. I stared at the watery orbs of his eyes, misting over with emotion and arousal, and he stared back as I gave myself completely to him hairless lips preteen in that moment. I felt his urgency grow, felt his need approach its peak, and suddenly he slammed his body into mine, drove his prick deep within me and stopped. Spasms rocked him as he cried out soundlessly with release, his testicles pumping their precious contents up through his long thick rod and into my core. I held him tightly as he shuddered with each new explosion, my rectum drinking his very essence and clamping around him for more. I moaned with happiness as I thought of his seed deposited deep within me, a part of him injected into my very being, for me to keep always.Slowly, his shaking eased as his climax passed. Still our eyes were locked. My own peak was close, my body trembling with arousal and my nuts drawing up into my pelvis with excitement. I knew I was near the edge, unable to hold back much longer from my own eruption. Suddenly Dave pulled back, withdrawing that glorious sword of flesh from me, but before I could express my disappointment, his head dropped and his mouth closed over my rod, his throat clamping around my inflamed cock. Within seconds my natural urges surrendered to the incredible sensation of his warm wet gullet enveloping my manhood, and with a strangled cry my orgasm crashed over me. Load after load of cum shot up along my rampant tool and into Dave's welcoming mouth. I shook with the force of my ejaculation, and he held himself over me, swallowing furiously, massaging my prick with his throat and drinking my masculinity.As I collapsed back onto the bed, totally spent, Dave lifted himself again, and lay beside me, his arms around me. We kissed, long and slowly, savouring the moment. "Now part of me is inside you, and part of you is inside me," he whispered."And we'll always be a part of each other," I finished for him.After we had recovered sufficiently to get up off the bed, we wrapped ourselves in the robes supplied by the hotel, and stood on our private balcony, taking in the magical view of the city lights, the shimmering water and the passing boats. Sipping on the complimentary champagne, we held each other again."Dave, thank you for making me the happiest man on earth!" I said softly to him."Second happiest!" he corrected me. "The happiest man on earth is married to you!" I knew then that nothing could ever bother me again, so long as I was with him.Dave walked around behind me, and as I leaned on the railing, he leaned into me, his arms wrapping around me. I wriggled back against him, and felt a familiar hardness pressing against my bum. I smiled to myself. Our future was guaranteed to be russian preteen torture bright and wonderful, and there was a lot more of the night to enjoy yet! To be concluded.Comments, complaints or compliments? Email me at iainlthrhotmail.comThis story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!
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